Our services

Investor Consulting

Our tailor-made and individual approach to potential buyers is a key to success in transaction advice. We rely on careful pre-selection and tailor-made selection in order to increase the efficiency of the process and at the same time ensure high quality and speed.

We see ourselves not only as consultants, but also as partners to our customers. We therefore offer process-accompanying project management and hold regular status reports every 14 days. In addition, we offer weekly, personal and telephone jour fixes to ensure close cooperation.

Our goal is to offer our customers an individual and tailor-made solution, tailored to their specific requirements. We appreciate open communication at eye level and a partnership-based cooperation in order to achieve the desired goals together.

Through our targeted and individual approach, process-accompanying project management and close cooperation with our customers, we create added value and a basis of trust that is essential for the success of every transaction process.

Investment Management

As experienced investment managers, we work together with our partners to develop strategic investment criteria for their customers and to find suitable real estate investments in our core markets. We source real estate directly, always confidentially and discreetly. Thanks to our many years of involvement in the market and our constantly expanding network, we have access to the best properties on the market and can find the perfect properties.

However, our expertise goes beyond the mere search for suitable real estate. We support our customers in all decisions related to the investment concept, accompany the entire due diligence process and ensure seamless contract design through to certification and smooth handover to asset and property management.

With our professional advice and our comprehensive expertise in the real estate market, we create added value for our customers and ensure that their investments are implemented in a targeted and successful manner.

Project development

PCP Panthera Capital Partners GmbH & Co.KG can look back on an impressive history of successful project developments, which were realized in close cooperation with our valued partners. Our selected team of professional consultants and experts always guarantees problem-free implementation.

What distinguishes all our projects is their extraordinary planning and careful selection of the locations where they are implemented. The PCP attaches great importance to site-related planning and develops tailor-made concepts that meet the requirements of the respective locations in every respect. Our projects are characterized by a high level of identification with their surroundings.

Thanks to well thought-out risk management, PCP has already successfully completed numerous project developments, thereby proving that we master opportunities and risks with confidence. As part of our success model, we also offer third parties the opportunity to participate directly in the entrepreneurial success of our projects.

Project defunding

Project defunding is a modern financing technique that aims to tie the lending decision to the project’s ability to generate future cash flows to cover debt service payments. In order to successfully implement a project, a sophisticated distribution of risk must be ensured in order to minimize negative effects on the balance sheet of the project sponsor.

At Panthera Capital Partners GmbH & Co. KG, we have an extensive network of investors who offer our customers individual financing solutions to ensure project financing based on cash flow. We discuss the potential of the project in personal talks with project developers and builders and then negotiate and come to an agreement with selected investors.

So rest assured that at Panthera Capital Partners GmbH & Co. KG we will do everything we can to offer you a tailor-made project financing solution that meets your requirements and helps you to successfully achieve your goals.

Diplomats Service

Be part of the exclusive network of Panthera Capital Partners Diplomats Service Berlin – your strong partner for diplomatic support in Berlin. Since 2020 we have been working successfully with Mr. Mohamed Ali Itani, who, with his 35 years of business expertise and close friendships, has built up an impressive network in the diplomatic world worldwide. With Mr. Itani at our side, we pursue a beneficial business relationship between East and West – knowing that we reap what we sow.

As Senior Advisor, Mr. Itani is at our side with his network of over 2000 interested investors from business sectors, ambassadors and private investors. Become part of this network and benefit from our exclusive services for diplomats. At Panthera Berlin, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with first class service and tailored care – because we focus on you.

Financing / Mezzanine Capital

Mezzanine forms of financing are a mixture of equity and debt capital. Mezzanine capital can be allocated similar to equity (so-called equity mezzanine) in the form of profit-sharing rights, profit-sharing certificates or silent partnerships. Convertible bonds and bonds with warrants are also possible. Mezzanine capital, which is granted in the form of subordinate, profit-participating loans or shareholder loans, on the other hand, has the character of debt capital and is generally recognized as a liability (so-called debt mezzanine).

Classic lenders and banks calculate the mezzanine i. i.e. R. to the economic equity, as it does not reduce the potentially available collateral. An increase in equity does not affect creditworthiness for lenders. The consequence of this is that after the contribution of mezzanine capital, the credit line can be increased, which in turn allows more favorable mixed financing (see below).

The mezzanine minimum volume is, as a result of the higher transaction costs compared to the classic loan (more complex check of the borrower due to lack of collateral), i. i.e. R. at least 500,000 euros. The more complex check often takes the form of an external rating or a comprehensive presentation of the mezzanine borrower, including a multi-year plan. A detailed multi-year plan that includes the timing of the planned mezzanine repayment is of great importance, especially for growth-oriented companies. High-growth companies reinvest the cash flows they generate so that they are generally not available for repayments.

The design options for mezzanine capital are less strictly regulated by law than, for example, share capital, so that flexible financing solutions are possible, especially with regard to terms (usually between 7 and 10 years), termination options (e.g. if the mezzanine recipient falls below a previously defined equity ratio), interest, profit and loss regulations or repayment modalities. However, it is precisely these points that decide how the invested capital is viewed in terms of liability and tax law (equity or borrowed capital). Securitized securities that can be traded on a public market (exchange) (e.g. participation certificates in Germany) are subject to prospectus liability and approval by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Mezzanine providers are often private equity companies, banks and special mezzanine funds. For their part, the mezzanine lenders refinance themselves largely through borrowed capital or pass on the loans granted to investors in bundles in the form of securitisations.